Arizona Charities: The Sun Health Foundation Receives Funding for Community Health Program

The Board of Visitors, a nonprofit organization that raises more than $750K annually to serve the health care needs of women, children and the elderly in the greater metropolitan Phoenix area, recently granted the Arizona charity, the Sun Health Foundation, $50,000 to support Sun Health Care Transitions, a nationally recognized community health program. Continue reading

The Rewards of Giving to Charities in Arizona

If you decide to give to the Sun Health Foundation, a leading supporter of medical research and assisted living non-profit charities in Arizona, you’re doing more than just supporting a great cause. You’re helping a community to build a future.  And whether you’re thinking of making a donation or giving your time, either way, you’ll find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Thinking about making a donation? When you make a donation to the Sun Health Foundation, you’re helping Arizona charities provide local residents with personal and phenomenal patient care. Continue reading

The Benefits of Community Involvement in Youth – Phoenix Charities

Phoenix charities know that between school, sports, and social, kids these days bounce from activity to activity just as often as we are. When there are so many places to go and people to see, it’s hard to remember to just slow down sometimes, and think about the bigger picture – the important things: helping others.

And even though our kids may have everything from packed lunches to packed schedules, there’s always time to help others. Here at the Sun Health Foundation, an incredibly well-known Phoenix charity, we are proud of and so grateful to our many wonderful volunteers…but not only our adult volunteers. Continue reading

Volunteerism and Community Engagement at an Arizona Nonprofit

Becoming a VIP at a Phoenix nonprofit isn’t all that hard – all it takes is a little excitement, a strong devotion to community, and a love of giving.  Volunteers in Philanthropy – or VIPs, as they’re called by the Sun Health Foundation, a Phoenix nonprofit organization that strives to better medical research and provide top health care to patients – are community members who dedicate themselves to volunteering in order to raise funds for hospital needs and research institutes in Arizona. And you could be one of them! Continue reading