Tracy Garrett - Sun Health Center For Health & Wellbeing New HirePlease join us in congratulating Tracy Garrett for earning her certification as a diabetes educator.

Issued by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators, Tracy’s new certification showcases her significant experience in pre-diabetes and diabetes management.

It’s a fantastic fit for her role at Sun Health as a registered dietitian. It also complements her other certifications in adult weight management and personal training.

Tracy Garrett - Albertson's eventTracy teaches Community Education classes on a wide variety of topics such as the Navigating Food Labels and Grocery Aisles; Mindful Eating; Pass The Salt:  Living A Low Sodium Life and many more.

Tracy also leads structured class series’ at the Center For Health & Wellbeing, including Diabetes Self-Management Education and Diabetes Prevention Program.

Her favorite part of her Sun Health duties are the one-on-one consultations. By sharing individual consultations on nutrition, medical nutrition therapy, diabetes prevention and management, the impact she makes in the lives of her patients give her great joy.

“I dream about carbohydrates and how best to convey important information to my clients.

What really keeps me going are those ‘Aha’ moments when I’ve shared something useful. Sometimes it’s the small changes or that missing link of detail that changes a life completely.

People are hungry for accurate information on how to prevent diabetic complications. Information holds the power to change lives, whether it is about how to treat dangerously low blood sugar levels correctly or how body weight or exercise impacts this condition.

That’s what keeps me going. I love it.”

Tracy began her career in the Banner Health system nine years ago as a wellness dietitian for employees and their families. She joined the Sun Health Center For Health & Wellbeing team when it opened last October.

“The Center For Health & Wellbeing is a WONDERFUL concept set in an amazing facility. I’m very excited about the potential to empower our community and help so many people. Come take a tour. I’d love to show you around.”

Tracy Garrett - Diabetes Educator CertificationTracy’s ambition to keep learning and her passion for health care can be traced to her parents who drilled their children on the importance of education and who themselves continue to strive for their own personal health. In fact, her family is filled with health care professionals.

“My mother is a registered nurse who has participated in the Senior Olympics as a 10K runner and even had the honor of being an Olympic torch carrier.  Her mother – my grandmother – is in her seventies and is still hiking, jogging, as well as water skiing! My father downhill skied into his seventies and regularly goes to the gym. Diabetes also runs in our family. I’ve grown up learning about healthy living, wellness and diabetes prevention. It’s in my blood.”

Tracy, you are a wonderful asset to the team and we’re proud of you.

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