Make a Donation to the Sun Health Foundation

As a nonprofit organization in Greater Phoenix, the Sun Health is dependent upon fundraising efforts, our retail shops, and donations to fund necessary research and medical equipment. By donating to us, you are helping to ensure that individuals in your own community are getting the health care and attention they need.

Sun Health Foundation’s mission is to remain one of the most influential nonprofits in Phoenix supporting healthy living, research and superior health care – and one of the best ways to do this is to work as a team. Donating to our nonprofit organization is a great way to join us in our quest for better health. We thank you for choosing the Sun Health Foundation out of countless other nonprofit organizations in Greater Phoenix, and are more than happy to answer any donation-specific questions you have.

Sun Health Foundation is vital because . . .

We believe everyone deserves superior health care, at any age, and that local access to quality medical centers is important to your health, as well as the health and well-being of your friends and neighbors. We seek to ensure the best health care possible for our community.

Sun Health Foundation, your partner in healing, ensures that charitable support will continue to be invested in the capital enhancements and technological advancements at our nonprofit health care facilities. We appreciate your donation to our Arizona charity and promise that it will be used to fund the top-notch health care everyone deserves.

Your Health. Your Community.
Our Lasting Commitment.

For questions related to your gift, please call (623) 832-5330 or contact us.