Neuroscience Pillar of Excellence

NeuroscienceNeuroscience refers to the branch of medicine specifically dealing with conditions affecting the human brain.  Our Arizona medical charity supports top-notch medical teams, and our current campaign focuses on bettering the department so that it can become even more beneficial. Read on to learn how philanthropic efforts are benefitting the neuroscience branch of our Phoenix medical charity.

Mission/Purpose Create advancements that better neuroscience care and research

Focus for this priority will be renovating and upgrading the 12-bed dementia unit at a Sun Health Arizona medical charity facility, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. Responding to a demand that often leaves many residents on a waiting list, the $1.2 million project is designed to enhance patient security and safety and create a true healing environment that elevates the patient experience. Funds for the project also will update the look and feel of the unit, which includes replacing the furnishings and carpeting that are well over two decades old.

By providing residents with the opportunity to heal within a therapeutic and patient-centered environment, better care can be provided because our quality medical team will better be able to focus on our patients. We appreciate your interest in the neuroscience pillar of our Arizona medical charity and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Bonnie Olsen
Neuroscience Philanthropy Lead
(623) 832-5566
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