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ResearchDedicated medical research is at the heart of any breakthrough, innovative treatment or groundbreaking medicine. Medical research in Phoenix is being performed daily at Banner Sun Health Research Institute, and our staff is currently exploring a number of different treatments and topics designed to benefit the lives of those living in our community. However, as a non-profit organization our efforts are dependent upon donations. Read on to learn more about how our philanthropic efforts are helping lead Phoenix medical research.

Mission/Purpose Transform cardiac care for heart failure patients

At the forefront of our medical research priority is ground-breaking investigation led by senior scientist Dr. Mohamed Gaballa of Banner Sun Health Research Institute that could revolutionize the way cardiac care is delivered. Dr. Gaballa and his team of scientists are refining a technique to use existing heart tissue to repair damaged heart muscles. Dr. Gaballa has already made significant inroads in this particular technique that would collect healthy tissue from a heart patient, treat the cells with a digestive enzyme and place them in a climate- and pH controlled environment mirroring that of the human body.

Other studies conducted at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute specialize in the study of age-related diseases including cardiology, arthritis, orthopedics, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. Philanthropic efforts are used to fund Phoenix medical research led by top scientists and medical professionals at the Banner Sun Health Research Institute.

Unlike hospitals, phoenix medical research funded by Sun Health Foundation is possible because of generous gifts and government grants. Naturally, given the current economic and political climate, the need for gifts to help fund landmark research like this continues to escalate.

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