Sun Health Care Transitions

0621sunh 021_WebFor patients with chronic illness, moving from a hospital setting back to the home environment can be quite an adjustment. Often, they would benefit from additional support to help better understand their condition and the necessary lifestyle changes to prevent another hospital stay.

The Sun Health Care Transitions program is designed to help patients navigate through the difficult and sometimes daunting experience of living with a chronic illness. A partnership between Sun Health, Banner Boswell Medical Center, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, community physicians and other health providers, Care Transitions assists those living with chronic diseases in effectively self-managing their condition and, in turn, reducing hospitalizations.

I’m so glad we took advantage of this program. It was in the convenience of our own house, in our own surroundings … a relaxed atmosphere where we could ask anything.

Transitions care managers work directly with care teams at Banner Boswell and Banner Del E. Webb to identify patients for whom the program would be a valuable resource. Once identified, Care Transitions staff helps the patient understand and adhere to the medication schedule, provides education about the condition(s) and what to watch for, ensures the patient receives timely follow-up care, and helps connect the patient to other community resources such as transportation or home-delivered meals.” The ongoing support and guidance provided through Care Transitions helps patients become more aware and better able to manage chronic illness.

To see an infographic containing more information on the Care Transitions program, click the chart below: