Sun Health Hour Guests – Kevin Boesen, PharmD – January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013
Kevin Boesen, PharmD, founder and director,
Medication Management Center

Kevin Boesen, PharmD, is the founder and director of the Medication Management Center. The Medication Management Center is a pharmacist-runcall center focused on delivering innovative medication therapy management services.

Health Information Technology developed by the center utilizes pharmacy claims, medical data and customizable algorithms to identify patients and opportunities to optimize care. These opportunities are turned into therapeutic interventions through a combination of mailings, faxes and personalized phone calls to patients, caregivers and providers.Since its inception in 2006, the center has grown to more than 80 employees and supports more than 2.5 million patients nationwide.

Before joining the faculty of the University of Arizona College of Pharmacy in 2004, Dr. Boesen worked in a variety of pharmacy and management positions. His experience includes positions in hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical device industry. He has held manager-level positions in retail pharmacy and manager- and director-level positions in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Dr. Boesen serves on a number of committees and also serves as faculty advisor to the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) student chapter.