Sun Health Hour Guests – November 2012

On The Sun Health Hour November 4, 2012

Dr. Denis Cortese

Dr. Denis Cortese, is the Foundation Professor and Director, Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program, Arizona State University; Emeritus President and CEO, Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Cortese’s current positions include Foundation Professor at Arizona State University (ASU), Director of ASU’s Healthcare Delivery and Policy Program, and President of the non-profit Healthcare Transformation Institute based in Phoenix, AZ. He is an Emeritus President and CEO of the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Cortese currently serves on the board of trustees of Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and the boards of directors for Cerner Corporation, Essence Global Holding Corporation, and Pinnacle West.

Memberships in national and international organizations include: the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, where he served as the original chair of the Roundtable on Value and Science-Driven Health Care; a National Associate of the National Research Council; an honorary member of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and the Academia Nacional de Medicina (Mexico).

He formerly served in the following positions: member of the health advisory board of RAND; member, and served as the chair of the board, of the Health Care Leadership Council in Washington, DC.; member of the Harvard/Kennedy Health Policy Group; member of the Division on Engineering and Physical Science (DEPS) of the National Academy of Engineering.

Education includes a BS from Franklin and Marshall, an MD from Temple University, and residency training in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Diseases at the Mayo Clinic.

Awards include an Ellis Island Award in 2007 and the National Healthcare Leadership Award in 2009.

Jennifer Drago

As vice president of business development, Jennifer Drago is currently developing and launching community-based health programs for medication management, care transitions and chronic disease. Drago brings more than 15 years of health care experience to this role, including serving as vice president of administrative services for Boswell Memorial Hospital (now Banner Boswell Medical Center) and Del E. Webb Memorial Hospital (now Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center) and providing administrative guidance for hospital departments such as Emergency, Pharmacy, Rehabilitation Services, Medical Records, and Outpatient Services. She also held the position of vice president of planning services for the former Sun Health hospital system. She earned her bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University, as well as an MBA and a master’s in health services administration from Arizona State University.

On The Sun Health Hour November 11, 2012

Dr. Marwan Sabbagh

Board-certified neurologist and geriatric neurologist, hopes to work himself out of a job. Considered as one of the leading experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia, he is  the director of Banner Sun Health Research Institute, Dr. Sabbagh has dedicated his entire career to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s and other age-related neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Sabbagh is a leading investigator for many prominent national Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment trials, including Alzheimer immunotherapy studies. He is senior editor for the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease and Clinical Neurology News, has authored and co-authored almost 200 medical and scientific articles on Alzheimer’s research.  Dr Sabbagh has authored, The Alzheimer’s Answer, the book’s forward was written by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and edited Palliative Care for Advanced Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Guidelines and Standards for Evidence Based Care. His new book The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes To Boost Brain Health is due to be released shortly. He has edited Handbook of Geriatric Neurology which is now in press.

Dr Sabbagh is also the Director of Clinical Research at BSHRI and Senior Scientist for the Haldeman Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics and Therapeutics. In addition to his clinical work and private practice in Sun City, Dr. Sabbagh is associate director of the Arizona Alzheimer’s Disease Core Center, a clinical instructor in the Banner/St. Joseph’s Geriatric Fellowship Program, He is a Research Professor of Neurology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix

Dr. Sabbagh earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California Berkeley and his medical degree from the University of Arizona in Tucson. He received his residency training in neurology at Baylor College of medicine and a completed his fellowship in geriatric neurology and dementia at the UCSD School of Medicine.

The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes To Boost Brain Health

Special Book Signing Nov. 29

As a practicing medical doctor and the director of research at one of the world’s most prominent Alzheimer’s disease research institutions, Dr. Marwan Sabbagh has spent decades studying Alzheimer’s disease. He knows how overwhelming the competing facts can be. He also knows that preventing Alzheimer’s is far preferable to treating it. That’s why he teamed up with Chef Beau MacMillan, executive chef of Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain and its signature restaurant, to create The Alzheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes to Boost Brain Health—the first Alzheimer’s prevention cookbook by a major publisher and the best line of defense to date against this devastating disease.

This full-color cookbook and health guide delivers a dietary plan that empowers readers to think—and cook—in a way that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss. Featuring an overview of brain science and the latest evidence-based research, the book shares more than 100 brain-boosting recipes rich in the B-complex vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and omega-3s. Much of the dietary plan depends on everyday fruits, vegetables, spices, and proteins, such as pomegranates, leafy greens, cinnamon and turmeric, and fish and chicken. Plus some of the healthiest and most delicious dietary tricks from around the world are captured in simple recipes that bring disease-prevention science right to the table.

For more information or to order The Alzeheimer’s Prevention Cookbook: Recipes To Boost Brain Health click here.

On The Sun Health Hour November 18, 2012

Roger Landry, M.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Roger Landry, the president of Masterpiece Living® is a preventive medicine physician who specializes in empowering older adults to take control of their own aging.

Dr. Roger was trained at Tufts University School of Medicine and Harvard University School of Public Health. He served as a flight surgeon for 22 years with the United States Air Force, retiring as the Chief Flight Surgeon and a highly decorated full colonel at the Surgeon General’s office in Washington D.C. His duties involved keeping pilots and other aircrew healthy and performing at their best. Dr. Roger saw duty on five continents and was medically involved in a number of significant world events, including the Vietnam War, the Chernobyl Disaster, the Beirut bombing of the Marine Barracks, the first seven shuttle launches and the first balloon crossing of the Pacific Ocean.

For the last twelve years, Dr. Roger has focused his efforts on older adults as a member of the MPL Team of experts developing resources for older adults to maximize their potential and for communities to be the environments where that happens. He was one of fifty innovators chosen in 2011 to chart a new course for aging services in the United States.

He is a nationally known speaker on successful aging, and has keynoted and presented at local, state and national conferences on aging. As a lecturer, researcher and consultant, he has written extensively and is frequently called upon as a media consultant on the topic of successful aging.

Live Long…Die Short:  A Guide for Authentic Health and Successful Aging

Dr. Landry is the author of Live Long…Die Short:  A Guide for Authentic Health and Successful Aging.  In Part I, Dr. Landry takes the reader on a journey that goes to the very roots of what it takes for humans to be healthy and to age in a better way.  Using that as a foundation, he reviews the research on aging which affirms that how we age is mostly determined by lifestyle.  He gives the reader an opportunity to take a snapshot of her own current lifestyle and provides feedback which can guide the reader through Part II, a treasure trove of practical advice on achieving health which is rooted in our basic needs as a species…authentic health… and with that, successful aging.  In Part III, Dr. Landry challenges the reader to respond to the moral imperative that comes with knowing that authentic health and successful aging is achievable by all. Using the story of the development of Masterpiece Living, Dr. Landry provides us with the response of the Masterpiece Team to this moral imperative.

With a rich, conversational style, Live Long…Die Short gives us a deeper understanding of what it takes to be authentically healthy, of the profound negative effects of modern day stress, and our need to nurture all aspects of our magnificent human nature.  Live Long…Die Short will be published in 2012.

On The Sun Health Hour November 25, 2012

Tracey Moorhead

Tracey Moorhead is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Care Continuum Alliance. The Care Continuum Alliance convenes all stakeholders providing services along the care continuum toward the goal of population health improvement. These care continuum services include strategies such as health and wellness promotion, disease management and care coordination. Based in Washington, D.C., the Care Continuum Alliance represents more than 200 corporate and individual members in promoting the role of population health improvement to raise the quality of care, improve health outcomes and reduce preventable health care costs for people with chronic conditions and those at risk for developing chronic conditions.

Ms. Moorhead is recognized as a leading health care advocate with considerable experience in public policy and coalition management. She effectively directs policy formulation and strategic advocacy efforts, as well as represents the population health management community before the media, allied organizations and constituents, and all levels of government.

Ms. Moorhead previously served as Executive Director of the Alliance to Improve Medicare (AIM), a bipartisan coalition advocating comprehensive Medicare improvements. AIM supported enactment of the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. As AIM’s Executive Director, Ms. Moorhead coordinated and moderated educational and policy briefings for congressional staff; directed AIM’s policy research, development and communications efforts; and developed grassroots programs in conjunction with AIM member organizations.

In addition to her role with AIM, Ms. Moorhead served as Vice President, Government Relations, for the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC). In this role, she coordinated a nationwide, multi-million dollar grassroots outreach campaign to senior citizens and partner organizations to increase awareness and participation in new Medicare benefits.