The Benefits of Community Involvement in Youth – Phoenix Charities

Phoenix charities know that between school, sports, and social, kids these days bounce from activity to activity just as often as we are. When there are so many places to go and people to see, it’s hard to remember to just slow down sometimes, and think about the bigger picture – the important things: helping others.

And even though our kids may have everything from packed lunches to packed schedules, there’s always time to help others. Here at the Sun Health Foundation, an incredibly well-known Phoenix charity, we are proud of and so grateful to our many wonderful volunteers…but not only our adult volunteers.

As a dedicated non-profit organization, we believe deeply in the benefits of community involvement in our youth. From meticulously planned special event fundraisers to retail volunteering in one of our many shops, every act of service at a Phoenix charity is a valuable one, and no matter how busy our children may get, the act will not only benefit our community, but it will benefit our children.

By taking the time to volunteer, even at a level of limited commitment, a young person will be gaining an invaluable amount. Our children will know that by doing the task he or she is doing – whether it involves planning for an event, volunteering at a shelter, or raising money for an important cause – he or she is doing something wonderful for another person. Here at the Sun Health Foundation, we work hard to do the same. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our over 4,000 volunteers, our proceeds have gone to provide much-needed support for medical facilities and medical research programs in Arizona.

By volunteering at a local Phoenix charity, our youth are able to learn new skills, have new experiences, and meet new people. One of the wonderful aspects of volunteering for the Sun Health Foundation is that volunteering is more than just hard, satisfying work; it’s fun!

So whether your child has a few hours after school once a week, or a couple on Saturday before the big game, volunteering at a Phoenix charity like the Sun Health Foundation is a perfect way to put those hours to good use. To learn more about volunteer opportunities and the benefits of community involvement, please visit our website at: