The Rewards of Giving to Charities in Arizona

If you decide to give to the Sun Health Foundation, a leading supporter of medical research and assisted living non-profit charities in Arizona, you’re doing more than just supporting a great cause. You’re helping a community to build a future.  And whether you’re thinking of making a donation or giving your time, either way, you’ll find it to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Thinking about making a donation? When you make a donation to the Sun Health Foundation, you’re helping Arizona charities provide local residents with personal and phenomenal patient care. Your donation will go to medical facilities, to comfortable and beautiful senior living communities, and to dedicated research centers and institutes, such as the Banner Sun Health Research Institute.

How about volunteering? More than 4,000 people have generously volunteered their time and efforts in order to help us help others. From golf tournaments to fashion shows and from home tours to formal galas, we’re always looking for kind and motivated volunteers to help us host our special fundraising events, the proceeds of which all go toward research programs at medical facilities. You might also be interested in helping us raise funds in order to purchase equipment for medical centers by volunteering in one of the many gift or thrift shops.

When thinking about what giving to one of your local Arizona charities might mean, remember that be it a donation or your time, the result will always be a rewarding one. You won’t only be supporting groundbreaking medical research, assisted living facilities, and hospitals in need of equipment – you’ll be supporting your community.