Warren D. Ruff Scholarship

The Warren D. Ruff Scholarship Fund, totaling $6.4 million (with the intent that 5% will be awarded each year), opens new doors of opportunity for these employees to pursue their passion and help fill the critical need for more trained nurses and nursing-related health professionals who live and work in Arizona.

Because of the exceptional care he received, Mr. Ruff desired that the primary purpose of the scholarship be to supply nurses to Arizona. During the last decade of his life, Mr. Ruff was deeply grateful to the former Sun Health Boswell and Del E. Webb hospitals and people who delivered this care, and they became endeared to him.

Eligibility and Application Details:

Employees at Sun Health, Banner Boswell and Banner Del E. Webb medical centers who wish to pursue or further a career in nursing or a nursing-related health profession now have the opportunity to apply for tuition (and related costs) support for their education journey.

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